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Soccer (or football, depending on your location and preference) is arguably the most popular sport out there. According to many ranking sites, including TopEndSports, soccer comes in as the most popular every time.

Many people would even argue that soccer is the best sport. Better yet, they have arguments and evidence to back up this stance. These arguments go beyond popularity and even take in the many benefits of soccer.

Life Lessons

Soccer is a sport that teaches many important life lessons. Those active in the sport learn humility, the art of being a team player, and so much more. Children can gain social skills, learn how to lose (or win) gracefully, and play by the rules.


Yet another reason fans love soccer – it can start young. Children and adults of any age are welcome to join a team. For many, soccer is the first team sport they ever entered, and as mentioned above, the foundational lessons it teaches come with many benefits.

More than that, soccer is a relatively inexpensive sport to get into. Many sports require expensive equipment or gear, but that isn’t the case for soccer. All one needs is an open field, a ball, and the willingness to start playing.


Soccer has a long and fascinating history, especially for hardcore fans of the world. Soccer is one of the oldest sports still around and is believed to have started as early as 200 B.C.

Naturally, the history lessons don’t stop there. The history of soccer includes many memorable games and events – especially once the World Cup started up.

Rule Consistency

The rules of soccer have been consistent throughout the ages. The most recent change to the regulations was in 1992. This makes it one of the few sports to receive common and complicated changes. Once again, this comes back to the accessibility point – it is much easier for everyone to follow the rules when they’re not constantly changing.

Fewer Injuries

While there are some common injuries known to soccer players, on the whole, players are exposed to fewer injuries than their counterparts in other sports. There’s a reduced risk of injuries based on the gameplay and rules, which means athletes can typically compete longer.