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It is well documented that sports are great activities for children. They learn so many life lessons at an age young enough for them to truly set in. These lessons can double when a child joins a team sport.

Soccer is one of the more traditional team sports children are signed up for, and countless benefits come with it. However, there’s a reason why Youth Soccer is so popular – as the benefits it brings cannot be overlooked.

Soccer for Beginners

As far as team sports go, soccer is one of the most approachable sports out there. Soccer for beginners is something that can be easily explained to young children. Even pre-Kindergarten age grasp the core concepts of soccer. So naturally, the more involved one gets in the sport, the more they’ll understand the depth, complexity, and strategy of it all. 

Health & Fitness

Soccer is a great sport for getting kids to run around and have fun. Every position within the team requires a fair amount of movement and running. This means that soccer will help get kids active. Better yet – it’ll teach them that exercise can be fun. 

Making Friends

Giving kids the skills and opportunities to make friends is an essential part of their development. Signing them up for soccer achieves both goals. It teaches children about social development while leaving plenty of room to create long-lasting friendships.

Improving Coordination

Playing soccer requires a child (or adult) to manage multiple things at once. While running around, they have to know where the ball is, where their teammates are, and more. Furthermore, soccer helps to develop motor skills and coordination. The benefits don’t stop there, as soccer also teaches children concentration, focus, and attention to detail.

Bone Density Boost

According to a 2016 study run by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, children who participate in high-impact sports such as soccer have a higher bone density than their counterparts.

Emotional Well-Being

Experts have proven time, and again that soccer and other sports are excellent for our mental and emotional well-being. There are multiple reasons for this benefit. The first is a biological reaction, as playing releases neurotransmitters regulating moods. The second is that soccer can teach children many positive coping strategies and essential life lessons.